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I'm Wayne, I'm a Philadelphia area Commercial Headshot Photographer award-winning Artist and FAA certified Pilot on a mission to tell stories from around the world through vivid top-quality images that last a lifetime....

Known for my profound eye for detail and unwavering commitment to excellence, I consistently adhere to high standards and am highly critical of my work to ensure the best end-product possible. I pride myself on maximizing the use of natural lighting and my camera lens as opposed to post-processing in Photoshop to get each photograph looking just right.

Throughout my creative career, I've had the opportunity to photograph numerous actors, artists,  musicians,  professional models and received a couple of awards for "Best in Show." Growing up, my love of photography began the moment I first held a camera in my hands as a child. Similarly, my avid interest in aviation started when I first saw an airplane. Today, my sights are set on becoming the go-to photographer in Philadelphia. When you need a portrait or headshot, you also need a personable photographer who not only has an eye for detail but is tactful with a camera and doesn't count on post-processing to get the job done right.

I'm here to create engaging headshots and to tell your unique story through the art of visual storytelling so Contact me today to receive a custom proposalIf you would like to purchase large prints for your home or office please check the buy options associated with the photos you are interested in.

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"I had a great time working with Wayne! He is a really talented photographer and a super cool, easygoing guy."  - Katherine H.

"Great photographer and I had fun working with him, very friendly and patient."  - Bennish

"I have worked with Wayne both as a model and makeup artist. Wayne is technically skilled and puts his models at ease. I would definitely work with him again."  - Danielle

"Favorite photographer!"  - Annie

"Fantastic!!! Thank you so much for a great shoot! I'll be continuing to post some of these on my social media and I'll be sure to tag you in all of them so that folks will know where to go for great shots! I'm definitely looking forward to the next shoot!"  - Kristen T.

"Really loved the shots !"  - Tisha T.

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